Frequently Asked Questions

1.How do you monitor social media sites?
Please check out the Content Monitoring page for a more detailed explanation of our service.

2.What social media sites do you monitor?
Facebook, Twitter are not limited by any platform. We can also monitor forums and blogs.

3.What makes your service different from the others out there?
Our monitoring service focuses on your contact points because we believe it is important to keep the pages that your company handles safe from any inappropriate remark.

4.How do you charge for your service?
We are more than glad to provide you with a quotation. Call or email us up for more details.

5.Do you provide reporting system?
Yes, we do.

6.Are you capable of deleting imposter pages as well?
Unfortunately, we could not. But perhaps we could provide you with other solutions on how to solve that problem.

7.How long before the service is implemented?
Setup time takes 2 weeks. Our service officially starts after the 2 week preparation period.

8. Do you do analytics and insights as well?
No, our service does not cover that.

9.Why do we need your service?
Perhaps reading this article would persuade you on the benefits of our service?